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We are here to give you the top tips and tricks about painting and decorating in dublin, Ireland. With our advice, you wont have a worry in sight about painting your future house or even when renovating a couple room from your beloved home.

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We have been working side by side with painters and house renovation experts in Dublin over the past 12 years. When any builder or renovator need some designs, inspiration or even just a little advice they always come to us. This is a big sign that we are one of the most trusted house renovation advisers there are in the painting industry. We don’t just limit our self to painting , we do many other things at TheDublinPainters, such as helping in the fields of tiling and Flooring as well. With many customers already showing interest in our company, you can be assured that our advice will be in benefit to you and your home.

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Why is it important to get a house painted?

painting house

When doing any sort of house renovation, you are almost always going to have to get your house painted. To get a house painted in an efficient way, you have to follow a few steps to make sure that no problems arise. Firstly, before painting, you would have to decide on what type of paint you would like to use. When you pick out the correct color you would like, then check out the quality of that paint. For finding good quality paint, you would probably need to read on some reviews online. If there are no reviews that you can find online, then just simply ask any of the staff members if they have any comments about the paint that you are planning to buy. Have a read on some more painting tips through our how to paint a house blog posted before. If you would like to get some more tips on how to paint your house, make sure to contact us today.

When is it time to get your house painted?

Well there are many different answers that can be given to this question. But its actually quite obvious when you need to get a house painted. You need to get your house painted when you see that the paint is starting to loose its color. Usually this happens after about 3 – 4 years if a paint job was not done correctly. If your house was painted the proper way, then you have a good chance that you won’t need to do much with the house for another 10 or more years.

Quality of the paint also plays a big factor as to how long your paint is going to stay put on your walls. To figure out how high the quality your paint really is, make sure to have a look at some recent reviews by going online and typing in your paints name, or you can just ask any staff member in the shop and see what they think about the paint quality. The better the paint quality the longer and higher chance it has to stick and stay on your walls. If your house was painted by bad quality paint, then you can expect to be repainting in about 2 or 3 years.

Painting can be tricky at times, especially for new people that have never painted before, but at the same time its not that hard to learn. Once you get the techniques down, you should have no problem at all when it comes to painting houses. These days there are a lot of new tools available to painters like rollers, brushes, clothes and much more. The most important part about painting is the technique, if you don’t learn the technique before painting your house, you run the risk of messing up and leaving your home looking worse than it did before.

One technique about painting that is simple, is to make sure to paint from top to bottom and left to right, this will ensure that you don’t leave any streaks behind you. If you paint randomly without the correct technique, you will most likely be leaving large ugly streaks which are going to be much harder to cover up later on.

painting techniques

When getting ready to do some painting, make sure that you get all your equipment together before you start. This would include buying all your paint, rollers, paint brushes and of course don’t forget the spare clothes. Also when you begin to paint, be sure that you mix your paint. This will prevent any types of shade differences when you open a new can or bucket of paint when doing a wall. You can mix all your paint in a large bucket, 20 liters which will more than likely hold all your paint for you. Make sure to mix the paint well as if you don’t mix it good enough, you run the risk of having blobs of paint shades in your paint.